Wish for velvet zebra and creativity.

Ok so I am not exactly standing here in front of this wall! Shocker. But What actually is happening is the fact that I wanted to get more creative with backgrounds and digital changes to have more fun with photos. Yes I love my house and taking pictures around it. But how fun is it to break up the monotony and add some fun to this already fun as well as allergy ridden outfit! So much fun!

I was also having trouble getting my shoes in the shot. I kept cutting them off. Oh well, most of the time I am not even wearing shoes!

This is from my recent Rent The Runway order. I love how this outfit turned out. However, when wearing this I notice a few things. 1 the sweater is wool. I am allergic and then 2 the shorts while they fit when over my butt, they were a bit of a pain in the butt to put on! And I mean massive pain. The velvet zebra shorts I will suggest going up a size!

Being home and taking photos like I said is a great time to adventure out of bounds and create with apps and what not. I think creative photos are going to be something people are going to do more of .

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