Why you really need to get Urban Decay All nighter setting spray

As a blogger I am always on the hunt for great products to try out and share with you all, my readers.  I have used so many makeup setting sprays through out the years, from ELF to Tarte.  I always without fail end up back to my holy grail setting spray for my makeup. That setting spray is Urban Decay All nighter!  YEars ago I bought my first spray on Haute Look and loved it. I then went on to trying ELF, NYX,  and many others. But ultimately I went back to Urban Decay.

TO really dive into that awesomeness that is this Urban Decay All Nighter spray. I decided that when I went to the beach for my birthday, I would wear my powder foundation and shape tape concealer, a full face of makeup. And then see how it did, how many things needed touching up. Did the ocean make my makeup wash off, did the sun melt it off?

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Well, I am quite happy to say that only my chin and nose needed a tad of touching up. As those spots are more prone to being oily. Other than that everything else was still very much in place! Highlight, blush, mascara(not waterproof) , and eyeshadow. All in place!NOW, it should be noted I didn’t go under water at all. I did get splashed in the face a lot by my kids. And was in direct sunlight all the time except for a rare occasion I could sit in the shade, when the boogers let me.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray is a must have for any makeup kit!


Target one piece // Bauble Bar earrings // SHEIN hat // Francesca’s sunglasses


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  • Molly June 28, 2019 at 1:51 AM

    Lookin’ beautiful on the beach, Stephanie! It looks gorgeous where you are. You should post more beach pics in the future!


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