When #ootd photos don’t turn out.

I recently went out with the littlest when my oldest was in therapy. It was super stupid hot and I decided that it would be a good idea to take photos of this sweater I bought from Amazon . I had some great ideas planned on this normally quiet area. But all of a sudden it got busy. And people were walking in front of the camera. Now I know this is a public place, but people could have waited a second or two. Things got uncomfortable and I rushed the photos.

When #ootd photos don't turn out . Wearing amazon fashion #amazonfinds

What I got were pictures I am unhappy with and not well placed. EVerything looks off and I just overall hate them, even though the sweater is super cute and soft. The look was something I was even on the fence about too. I was not happy with the look. The sweater I love, the whole look was bad.

When #ootd photos don't turn out . Wearing amazon fashion #amazonfinds

It made me feel and look like a bloated marshmallow. I was not happy at all. I feel like these images make me loose my fashion edge. If I even had one.

So why share these? Well, cause as I stated earlier, I LOVE THIS SWEATER! The colors and style, but maybe instead of a medium, I will size down. this cute sweater runs a bit big. And really this will be great in this size on “swollen days”

The material is super soft too, btw! And the sweater is under $25!

BAck to sharing it? Well the easy and true AF answer is I want to show you all not everything is perfect. It may seem so on instagram and other social but I am telling you as a lot of you already know it is far from.

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