What you need for achieving beach perfect makeup!

Too Faced Beach Bag Must Haves Set • Too Faced • $24
Tarte Maneater Liquid Eyeliner • Tarte • $20
PÜR Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch️ Good Enough To Steal Face Palette & Color-Changing Lip Balm Set • Pur • $35.88
Pür Online Only Festival Eyeshadow Palette • Pur • $36
Shape Tape Concealer & Mini Sponge Set • $25
Shape Tape Matte Foundation • $25
Nyx Professional Makeup HD Finishing Powder • NYX • $10
Nyx Professional Makeup #NoFilter Blurring Primer • NYX • $10.50

Beach makeup, yeah a lot of us do not wear any. But ther are a lot of women who full glam even when at the beach. And why not? To each their own! Right? Well, normally I forgo makeup and just be. And wouldn’t you know it I look like a hot mess and that is when pictures are taken. So. Yeah. I bring makeup. Normally just powder and a small eyeshadow palette. A mini mascara and done.
But, here lately, with me posting on Instagram a lot. Beach pictures have been stepped up. So, here is some makeup bits and tips on achieving makeup that will last. Touch ups may be needed on the nose and chin(especially if you are are oily) Now, I go to the beach with my family a bit and fun with my kids and the hubby always comes first. We have a great time! Now how to achieve a lasting mermaid face.

Step one, you need a good primer. I have been loving Nyx primers. And I opted for the no filter. It is affordable and my makeup looked beautiful.

Step two a good foundation,  I like the face tape by Tarte. Along with the shape tape concealer. And then I spray it with Urban Decay all nighter. I do believe that MAC has a water proof foundation. Which I haven’t tried but kind of want to!

Ok so then I do my contouring and always do eyeshadow before foundation(drop down) . I blend in the contour and add blush. That is when I use my setting powder like Nyx HD setting powder.  And sprayed again with the Urban Decay All nighter.

I use Too Faced waterproof better than sex mascara.

That is it, really.

This swimsuit is on sale now at H&M!! And

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  • Sherry July 18, 2019 at 7:19 PM

    Such a cute swimsuit!! Fun look!


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