What are you getting dressed up for ? Corset Story

What are you getting dressed up for?

I have been so exhausted lately, from mostly dealing with my kids. And it is taking it’s toll on my life . Or rather it is taking its toll on my urge to get dressed up,not so much life, but getting dressed up like I usually do. Instead of outfits like the one you see above , it is more like sweat pants and yoga gear. Comfort over style. And it makes me feel like a lazy bum more often or not. Like I am so comfy that I can not move or feel like doing anything. Not even put on makeup. It is not my usual.

This right here is my normal, my usual. Makeup and Fancy pants, but with Carona and being isolated at home with my non sleeping kids and hubby with pneumonia, I feel less inclined to make an effort. You see I don’t dress up for others,I do it for me. I do not really care what people think of what I am wearing, usually. There was a time where some ladies mentioned my body on dress from Missguided was not “hot” m’kay. You are no one to me, and thanks to therapy it is getting easier to say that.

This corset , this one is actually a top! It has cute palm print a beautiful green ribbon to tie with and is just stunning! One thing though it is see through, there are shear panels and you may want to get a nice strapless cami or use a belly band from maternity.

Isn’t it just darling!?

I love it!

Who are you dressing up for? Myself, that is who!

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