Wearing Theia couture.

We we are slowly coming out of quarantine and I think personally it is a massive mistake. One that will end up with thing spiralling out of control and the state eventually shuts back down again. But I digress. Currently writing this at 9 pm at night in my son’s room trying to get his 2 year old self to sleep and it is not working. Late naps are a killer aren’t they?
For me, yeah, I get one kiddo and his sleeping habits fixed and the other is like, hold my sippy cup, this will be an all nighter.
This is not a great thing for me, I have to take care of everything and everyone. And some how find the time and space to take care of me. The me is stuck in the woods waiting to be seen, the rest is in the house taking care of everything else. I feel pulled to thin. Like butter spread thinly over too thick of bread. Or whatever Bilbo says about the Butter on the bread analogy.

And I feel asking for help is wrong of me. Or I should be able to do it all! And this is something I have been working on in therapy! Back tracking does happen folks. Mom guilt is real and it is ok to few this way. I need to snap out of it. And I need to ask for help from those who can. I think this social distancing is not helping, to recharge I take myself out of the house and go window shopping and stuff. But now, we’ll, now I am at home doing school, mom life, wifey life, and other stuff.

By the way this post was not supposed to be this way! I wanted to write up something different. But my blog I share the mental stuff and I try to be relatable by sharing my real life experience.
here I am in a gorgeous (kind of old world style meets new ) gown and I am sitting here bitching about momville. Hey I am queen of this momville and I can bitch right?

This Theia gown is so pretty and it runs a tad big! With corset and such it was still a size or two too big! So either I lost weight or it just runs big. I am going on the big. Runs big.

It is an amazing dress and over all would say it would be great for a formal affair. Or you know snapping pictures of yourself in your back yard! Either way, this dress by Theia is perfect for either!

Or rent here

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  • Phyllis Hogg May 15, 2020 at 8:45 AM

    Mom life is never easy. I had Super Mom Syndrome when you guys were young. I had to learn it was okay to ask for help, to let things go, to ignore the mess and take time for me even if it was just a cup of coffee and a book time. It’s never easy but journaling does help me and complaining to the Lord and asking for his help. Then passing on some jobs to Norm or you guys that helped too. They may not be done my way but the jobs got done. and not by me.


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