Wearing and styling Loungewear

Love that comfort clothes are having a moment! Even Tim Gunn is moving to the comfort is important! Everyone is wearing business on top and comfy af on the bottom for zoom meetings or teams. Why not, a bit of lounge wear is perfect for the couch office or the bed office or table office in the or near the kitchen.

I think that comfort at home is super important and yeah while you see me dressed “up” a lot on my blog I am more than likely at home wearing what you see here. And that is ok! It doesn’t mean I am giving up and it does’t mean I am going through some existential crisis. It means I am comfy and cozy and happily snacking on something.

Give me a pair of cozy joggers and some nice sneakers and I will feel just as happy in that as I feel when wearing heels and a beautiful dress.

It is how I am!

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