Wacky Whiney Wednesday, Nablopomo

Hello my fashiony friends! And welcome back! It is NAblopomo November still! But I have no idea what else to write about. I could write about the video games I am playing, but I need to get further into the story on each before I do that. I will say this though. The Evil Within could have been so much better if there was MORE AMMO and an actual PLOT!

Anyways, I want to get further into it before a bigger post over it. I only get to play during nap time and or at night. This is not a game for kids to see, IMO.

So, back to the reason for my post. Which is I have no idea. I have been up since 3 AM, AGAIN. I can say I got my outfits picked for outfit of the day, some dished done, and that is about it. My little guy has been the king of fits today.

I have no clue what this post is about. Why am I writing? And how am I even awake right now? *coffee*

If you are in the mid week doldrums here is a funny picture to help you out.

I caught my cat staring at himself in the mirror. He was sitting there looking at himself in different angles. And then there was a huge depressed sigh. Like a Harumph.

Oh my God.....I AM a cat!

Oh my God…..I AM a cat!

Sorry for the INSANE bit of randomness. At least it could be a good laugh.

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