Urban Decay Vice City liquid lipstick! A review.

Urban decay vice city

Every once in a while you get these products that just come into your life and you are just OH MY GOD I NEEEEEEED THIS! And When I went into Ulta a few weeks ago, I had that exact reaction when I gazed upon the glory that is the Urban Decay Vice city lippies. I immediately gravitated towards the brightest red lipstick. Trap Queen you slay me more than Lady Gaga at Superbowl. Seriously. This lipstick is amazing! Urban Decay Vice City Trap Queen

This lipstick is multi faceted. It has metallic it has the rich vibrant red color. But, the red has the right amount of blue to make me feel like I have life in my face. Pale girls you know what I mean. But, there is so much richness in this shade that it would look good on anyone! It is a matte shade and yet it isn’t. How? Well, the metallic sheen of the gold makes it look more glossy than it really is.

And I since I got it I have been wearing it more than that red Justfab bag! When I bought this lippie the girl that was walking around ULTA was telling me there are people who love it and people that hate it. I get it, same can be said of ANY product in the beauty dept. Some people love the NYX liquid suede(me) and then there are those who hate it,loathe it. And that friends is fine. It is OK, it is awesome.

Let’s now talk wear.

It wears for about 8hrs or longer. I ate with this lippie on and drank coffee. As well as give my little smoochies on his chubby cheekies and nothing moved except for the lipliner I was wearing, which was by NYX. (my fave lipliners next to milani)

This lipstick can be sticky when first applied. But when dry it is fantastic. A little goes a long way. Definitly as with any liquid lipstick like this exfoliate your lips. And this can be done with a soft bristle toothbrush(that’s what I do) and I apply a lipbalm for over night like the EOS balm or I used to use the Clinique Repairwear lips at night. All About LIPS is my fave lip exfoliate but I am out,which is also Clinique.

So, why do I love liquid lippies so much. Well, it is simple. I have a 3yr old who likes to take my lipstick and play with it. The liquid stuff like this he is less apt to mess with. I don’t know why. But this stuff he leaves alone. So, I can get more and more. YAY. After he got a hold of a Chanel Lipstick, I shifted completely over to these kinds of lipsticks. Can you blame me?

These lipsticks are $18 at ULTA. Not bad considering the MAC retromatte is $20+ and the Chanel Ultra Wear is $37. The Balm lipstick I want bad is $17 and it is also long wearing. But, this lipstick is going to be on my list of faves and that color is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

SO, Have you tried this lipstick?

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  • Gabrielle February 10, 2017 at 6:07 AM

    This is a gorgeous aide and I can understand why you love liquid lipstick form after your little destroyed a Chanel lipstick!! haha.


    • Stephanie February 10, 2017 at 9:18 AM

      I literally cried…it was the perfect shade of red lipstick. 🙁


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