Trina Turk Lemons

When life hands you lemons,what do you do?
You squeeze them in the eyes of your enemies!
You probably saw that headed in a different direction. Yes I know the old saying but sometimes. Making lemonade isn’t enough, or maybe you don’t like lemonade and maybe the scenario doesn’t fit the situation. Rising above it all is more than making a bad situation better. It is also about taking control of it back.

Let’s get real here for a second though, with all the Karen’s and the Kens running around and doing what they do best . It is hard to not look away it is hard to not say something. Speaking up and against them is like squeezing that lemon at them. Taking control may be as simple as unfollowing people who do not match views and are toxic. People who spread false narratives and info, especially in times like this. Not associating with those who idolize people who are not worthy of idolization(had this happen personally)due to horrific treatment of people in long days since passed. Jobs that suck and are draining emotionally, find a new one but don’t quit the one you have until you do. Take control of your finances And pay things off. Even if slowly that is taking charge.

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