The Loft Cardigan and sensory overload.

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I hid cheetos from my kid. What Happend, is he just had a dental procedure and he can not eat solids. He can have yogurts, and jellos, and ice cream. But when you have a child on the spectrum who has difficulty with food any way, this throws a wrench in everything. On one hand it is good, because he is being forced to try things out of neccesity. Hunger. Which I hate it is like that, but with his mouth being the way it is, the last thing I want to do is be forceful at all.

The struggles, are real but he is doing the best he can.And that right there is all I can ask. He is eating things he normally doesn’t and maybe just maybe he will continue to try new foods! This is good as hard as it is for all of us to do.

With all the doctor appointments lately it has been hard to get any of my blog work done. After a cry sesh at therapy yesterday while my hubby had my son at the surgeon. My little boy is super strong, like Superman strong. My husband could barely hold on to him for his little IV shot.  It was a rough day. And the day before that was a visit to the allergist. Where we found out that G, may have had some false positives on his blood test for allergies. After a long consult we decided to give Allegra a go avoid certain foods again and see how he does. Allergy test is now scheduled for Feb.

SO with a sensory overload the day before and then a surgical type procedure it is no wonder he was such a mess all night. At one point I was in the bathroom giving the baby a bath and he freaked out. Crying for mama, and then blew chunks. That was all night, mommy got no sleep, the lad got no sleep. Then the baby was teething. It was a long night and today I just want to stress eat.  Not good, but when you have been up for 24hrs what can you do?

Wearing a loft leopard print cardigan, gap jeans, and H&M boots. ALso a kate spade bag. #ootd #fashion #fashionblogger #leopard

I am loving this look, it is casual, and yet it is a bit edgy with the addition of these comfy AF H&M boots. The other cool bit is that this is a size small for the cardigan! YES! It made me feel good. This was an outfit I could chase my littles in and also feel comfy and cool in! I was power mom! Today, I am in YOGA pants and a thermal sweater. It is a comfy day.

Wearing a loft leopard print cardigan, gap jeans, and H&M boots. ALso a kate spade bag. #ootd #fashion #fashionblogger #leopard

Wearing a loft leopard print cardigan, gap jeans, and H&M boots. ALso a kate spade bag. #ootd #fashion #fashionblogger #leopard

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