The boardwalk, bad weather, and the 2 hour wait. 

This post was actually written Saturday night, but I fell asleep before posting and realized that. I also realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures of me, um just stuff around me. I was too obsessed with the idea that the boardwalk was a perfect Zombielandesque area. And was too busy gawking at the storm around. So today,being Monday,I have decided to post it and take pics of  the outfit I wore. Minus the red shoes, may they ever rest in shoe peace.



Hi there friends! Happy Saturday! If there was ever a day where it was one thing after another it was tonight and our attempt at a “date night”.  We rarely go on them, and when we do there is always the hope that things go right. But, it doesn’t always. And tonight was that time. It starts with me not knowing what the hell to wear. Seriously, I hadn’t the freaking foggiest. I thought about a pretty tropical looking dress then thought, nah. It is more “summery” and is it  really ideal for Daytona. OK, I had a fashion block. Just like writers get writer’s block, I get fashion block and derp my way though my closet. I swear to every holy hand grenade that I tried on every pair of shoes I own. Makes me wish I was on top of the sneakers and dress trend. But then I would have to, infact, own a pair. And I don’t . I own a pair of running shoes but not sneakers?



In the end of all my weird efforts I went for my Express lace midi and a black shirt from Express as well. I paired it with my red bow heels which incidentally are probably going to have to go to the way of the dodo. The boardwalk and it’s bouncy planks murdered my shoes. Ugh. Beach 1, Me 0.


And we get there, I have never had an issue of feeling over dressed. (I usually am, though.) I never feel self conscious about it. But tonight I felt like I was placed in the wrong place. Usually it wouldn’t matter to me, today it did. Lack of sleep? Perhaps?


So, back to the date. We get to the board walk in Daytona Beach. Which on parking our car I remembered a weird parking garage phobia. I can handle an MRI tunnel. I CAN NOT handle a parking garage and it feeling as though the ceiling is too low. And this one was low, I could almost reach the beams with my hands. Yikes.

I am rambling. I know. 🙂 

We walk though the shops which is 2 levels. Plenty of shops and some mall food restaurants. We decided to take our walk to the beach.


I love walks on the beach or near it in our case. And it was beautiful and a storm was brewing. I had to take a picture of the cloud formations. (Science nerd here) And we kept walking past hotels and attractions trying to decide on food. There was a Joe’s Crab Shack on the pier. We headed there.


Along the way we passed a small amusement park which made the hubby and I think of Zombieland . It would be a perfect spot for one. #justsaying and FYI according to some Facebook quiz I would be the medic.

We made it to Joe’s Crab Shack, and there was a 2 hour wait!  No. We went to Bubba Gump shrimp, 2 hour wait. Alrighty, let’s go. Now! And it was pouring by now.

We drove around and came by a local Thai restaurant Siam Spice. It was really delicious, it would be perfect comfort food! And let me say there is a residual spice from it that I am still feeling. I love spicy food! And I had Thai iced tea. Which was interesting. Good but interesting. It was a creamy iced sweet tea. And my hubby got a shrimp in sweet chili sauce.



More crappy food pictures! 🙂 I was in a hurry and was starving. I was also shaking like a leaf.


Our date night although full of strange road blocks ended pretty well. We got out of the house and had a pretty decent meal. Ever have similar experiences. One thing great about things like that are the fact it sometimes forces you to try new places and eat different things. GO URBANSPOON!




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