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black maxi dress maternity style

A black maxi dress Maternity style

I love a good maxi dress, especially now that I am pregnant. What I look for in a good maxi dress right now is comfort, style, and color. I like to have a maternity dress that is multifunctional. Something that I can wear while being pregnant and then after for when I am nursing my baby. I found a prefect…

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repeating stripes and skinny jeans

Repeating stripes and skinny jeans.

I really love wearing tees that are comfortable and jeans that are too. There are just some pieces that you just repeat, like this striped tee from Motherhood Maternity and these H&M Mama jeans. These are great maternity pieces since they are comfortable and affordable! I have had this tee for a bit now, and I honestly need to get…

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The most comfortable maxi dress from Motherhood and gender reveal

The most comfortable Maxi dress and a gender reveal!

It’s a boy! I have to tell you this pregnancy has been such a whirlwind of things. From Morning sickness to now massive chronic hip pain. This baby is definitely different and because of all those initial symptoms people thought I was having a girl. Well, SURPRISE! I feel happy to finally know! And the baby is healthy! The pain…

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tulle skirt and nerd shirt

Tulle skirted Nerd and the hurricane kid.

Well, we survived hurricane Irma. What a storm that was! And one no one will forget, just like no one here can forget Andrew and how Texas will remember Harvey. For this post, I decided there was no sense sticking around the house hot and gross feeling. So I planned for my son and I to have a little shoot…

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Wine and Rose Outfit of the day

Wine and Rose` outfit of the day.

Someone on this blog misses her wine huh? Just by the title alone right? HA. OK, so on the bloggeroo today, as I try to keep my mind off possible impending doom. #justsayin #hurricaneirma I want to take a minute and divert my attention elsewhere. And that is some of my fave fall colors. There is just something about wine…

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