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ipsy glam bag june

Ipsy Glam bag June; volume up.

It is time once again for Ipsy!!! I love Ipsy so much!!! Don’t you? What is Ipsy you say? Well, pull up an iceberg and lend an ear. Ipsy is a fantastic subscription box started by a Youtuber Michelle Phan. She is known for her flawless makeup tutorials! OK, so for $10 a month you get a cute little baggie…

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Ipsy Glam bag MAY!!!

Hi there friends! It is time for another Glam bag unboxing! And I have been trying to get this on the blog all day so far, hard to do when you have a needy little. I got it up on YouTube but not the blog until NOW! YAY!   I love this bag quite a bit this month. And yes…

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Ipsy Glam bag April Unboxing and review!

It’s here!! Finally! Easter and my Ipsy GLAM bag for APRIl. Of which has been more drama than a family dinner at the Skywalker residence. So, When I finally did get my bag I tried 8 times to record my YouTube video of the unboxing which did not go well at all. I mean AT all. On the 8th or…

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ipsy glam bag march

Ipsy Glam Bag unbagging March

It is March Madness ya’ll . Really that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me because I am not that big of a sports fan. #sorrynotsorry Anyways, I got a new ipsy unbagging to share today!!! WAHHOOOO! if you saw on my Insta @gofashiondeals You may have seen the pictures. You are beautiful! Anyways, here is the full unbagging video!  …

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Ipsy Glam Bag Feb so-so.

I love subscriptions like IPSY, Justfab, and Rocksbox. Why? Well, makeup,shoes, and jewelry. YUPPERS. But, this month’s glam bag was more of MEH bag. It is Feb, the month of that one holiday. You know the one where there are lots of hearts and roses. That one? Well, my bag was full of boring. And it was not cohesive. That…

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Ipsy Glambag September

Hello there friends and happy day to you all! I got my September Ipsy Glam bag in the mail the other day, and I am FINALLY getting around to reviewing it! YAY! This month’s focus was on fashion week no doubt. And it was a pretty decent bag! Only one problematic item in it! I opened that pretty pink bag…

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Ipsy Glam Bag May.

Hi there friends! And while I start to wrap up my weekend with some fun, I figured I would take a break from scrubbing floors(jealous right?) to talk about this month’s Ipsy! Yay! And what a great bag this one is! Super excited! First off let me talk about home much I love the bag! My life is lipstick. Actually…

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Experiment with nail art.

If you have seen my instagram(gofashiondeals) then you may have seen this bit of simple nail art. I did this last night while playing Skyrim on Xbox360. I needed to do something while my nails dried. Skyrim is the perfect time waster. Really it is. I saw a similar nail art on, you guessed it, Pinterest. I saw it and…

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Friday Faves, March!

Hi there friends I am posting a Friday favorites post today! I am going to share some of my favorite things from the month of March! YAY! HURRAY! OK, let’s get weird! Just kidding. I am going to show 1o of my favorite things this month. Let’s get started 10. Marsk eyeshadow. You may have seen me talk about this…

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