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the michael's challenge. Wearing Amazon fashion thermal sweater and ZARA faux leather skirt #fashion #ootd #falloutfits #michaelschallenge

The Michael’s Challenge

A New Day Fabric Headband – A New Day • A New Day • $9.99 Adreamly Women’s V Neck Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Top Off Shoulder Pullover Sweater • $20.99 H&M – A-line Skirt – Black • H&M • $49.99 A New Day Women’s Reese Quilted Sneakers – A New Day • A New Day • $24.99 Kate Spade New…

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BEauch dey

H&M Swimwear finding the right suit.

Hi there friends! Happy days ahead. Summer is getting closer and closer for us. And that means swimwear, beaches, pools, bbq, more bbq, fireworks, and long days. And HOT FREAKING WEATHER. Which is why I am glad the beach is not too far from me. Because we can beat the heat in the summer with some ocean water and windy…

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Grinchmas part 1!

You know one time, I am going to go to Universal all decked out in Harry Potter glory. Robes and all. I need this to happen. Anyways, yesterday I talked about getting out of the Christmas funk, well you know there are things other than presents there are creating those special memories! And a dear friend gave us an early…

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Making new family traditions.

While it is fun to run around and go here and go there for the holidays there are some who like to keep it more low key with the family on Christmas Eve. Sure they may still go to one family dinner and the after a while go home. And for the kids waiting on Santa can seem like forever.…

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Sunday funday and a cake.

I actually typed this up last night to post it on the blog. And wellllll…I fell asleep. I fell asleep hard. So, here is the post that should have been posted yesterday but wasn’t due to me falling asleep. Is it bad that I had pie for breakfast today? Happy Father’s day. Great day for celebrating dad! Well we should…

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Samsung galaxy S6. Gold.

Well if you read my other post here, you  will know that my last phone took a swim in the ocean. Yes. Which is how I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy s6. Cat. Anyway. I got the galaxy S6 with 32gb with ATT. Which by the way they are doing away with 2yr contracts and calling it ATT next.…

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween friends! What a great night. A great night for spooky candy filled fun. I love Halloween and all the goodies that come with it. My little one got to trick or treat better than last year. Frodo wouldn’t stand still. At all. So this is the best I got. Believe me friends, we all tried. We all failed…

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Sun, sand, and Cosmo.

I love going to the beach and what is better than going with a great magazine?  Well family and friends but today I made it a point to actually read at the beach. I was so happy. I got to listen to Pandora and read while watching my boy run around. Katy Perry is on the cover and it was…

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