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Sunday pie day. Blueberry peach pie!

Hi there friends, today I wanted to try my hand at making a pie that I saw on Pinterest. Original recipe here . I took the tiny child to the store and we picked up the rest of the ingredients. Well whipped cream and pie crusts. I am terrible at making my own.     You will need. 3-5 peaches .…

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TBT, sugar and spice cookies.

I had to decide what to post today, and I have been craving these adorable window cookies since I bought raspberry jam. These cookies work for fall,winter, spring, and summer. Wouldn’t they make just a great snack. So, this throw back Thursday I thought I would reshare this recipe. Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups of flour 1 stick of softened butter…

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Be the life of the party, with hot WINGZ!

I made these the other night and let me tell you it was Soooooooo worth the effort! Step aside Dominos, I have the deal here on a great and SIMPLE hot wing recipe. These wings are hot, juicy, and crispy. They are perfect for the sport gatherings! What you need: A packet of wings 1/4 cup of salted butter. Real…

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