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Black tee and green linen pants. Simplistic OOTD

Black tee and Green linen pants. Simplistic #ootd.

Black tee// Linen pants similar// shoes// bag similar// bracelets like these 1,2,3 //lipstick Black tee and green linen pants. Not the most exciting outfit, but it is a great outfit still. No glitz no glamour in this outfit. It is a simple outfit. A very simple outfit. Not just simple but a comfortable outfit too! This outfit of the day…

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Star girl, Zafully Cold .

OK, I finally have a minute. Finally have a moment to write something. I took my pictures for today’s blog post this morning and just NOW got the chance to sit and blog a bit. I was determined to get my Monday laundry done and get other chores finished. And so I now get to sit and take the pictures…

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How to wear all white in the fall

OK, I know it is fall. And all white is something not too many people think you should wear after Labor Day. But, I think that is an archaic rule. And one that should be taken and dumped on the table with all of the fashion rules of yesteryear.   But how to do you take that”winter white” and make…

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blogger outfits of the day pink

Wearing Pink.

Hello Friends! It was a day, a day here at the good ol house of GFD. MY son is still sick, his fever came back and some how he changed the thermometer settings to celcius instead of F. YAY. Anyways, he is running a low fever, but still a fever. And so he is going to be at home with…

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OOTD, let’s pretend it’s fall

So, it is still very much summer here. At 88 degrees it is not very “fall like” . But, I love the fall and winter so unfortunately I have to pretend it is fall. #lifeisshortweartheboots If I didn’t I would never get to wear my boots. Since it is so hot out it makes it hard to be all fall…

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What I Wore: Styling a Sweater dress

Hello friends! Happiest of Fridays!!!! Today is more of a “What I wore.” post. Why? Well, a tiny hurricane went through my house and destroyed it. Aren’t toddlers fun? And I need to clean as well as do the laundry that seems to never go away fully. IT IS ALWAYS THERE! I just move it around.  Hey, I am only…

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