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styling a metallic skirt like ablogger boss

Styling a power outfit

  Styling a power outfit, wow that can be tricky. I think we should all have that ONE outfit that makes us feel like a boss lady. We all need that outfit that is a bit aggressive, a bit over the top, and oh so elegant in a way. Yes, there is the “power suit” but what about those if…

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#OOTD HM tunic and Express flares.

Hi there friends how are you all! TGIF and all that jazz! It is one fantastic Friday I must say. I am spent the day out and about with my little one and we had a lot of fun even though it was so hot I almost passed out. The heat is horrible this time of year. We went to…

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White Romper and coffee don’t mix.

Hey there friends! How are you?! I decided to wear white, since it has been hotter than the sun here in the land of sunshine and crazy wildlife! I decided to wear my white romper that I purchased from MANGO about a year ago? Yeah. Anyways, I love it as it is very comfy and perfect for summer. However, I…

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Revisiting another graphic tee.

Hi there friends!! Hope you had a marvelous Mother’s Day. I did. I had this awesome post all set for the day and my cat was a jerk and decided to lie down on my laptop and deleted the whole post. And crash my PC. Cats are just……just….cats. Ugh. I am trying to get all my boggy things done and…

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Shopping Sunday! Choies wishlist for spring!

Hi there gang! It is another installment of shopping Sunday! I am featuring the lovely online site Choies! I found some great outfits and shoes perfect for spring and summer! You know how I love nerd tees, well I found a great GOT shirt! 01//02//03//04//05 I love the print of the skirt, it is a giant houndstooth print. I kept…

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