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The lemon sugar cookie recipe #cookies #christmas #christmascookies

Lemon sugar cookies.

  There is nothing better than cookies at Christmas time, especially sugar cookies. There are so many memories of making sugar cookies with my mom at Christmas time. That it is something I want to share with my boys. But we always just did a basic sugar cookie, not this time! This time we did a lemon sugar cookie. The…

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But can she bake a cake?

YES! Yes I can! And so can you! It is easier than you think! And if a 17yr old on Great British Bake off (or what ever it is called) can do it, so can you my friends! You do not need a fancy pants stand mixer, I don’t have one. I have a handmixer. And that works just fine.(althought…

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Dutch Butter cake.

Have you ever saw something and went “holy crap that sounds amazing! ” Yes, we all have. Especially if you frequent Pinterest like me. I’m always pinning cakes, cookies, elie saab,and geek stuff. #nerdalert Anyways, I got bit by the baking bug. And since it was raining I figured why not. So we cracked open some butter, threw some flour,…

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