Sunny business

It has definitely been really sunny and pollenY. That is not a word I know, but it is now! Pollen has been turning our white car yellow. Yeah. So the rain was perfect, when we finally got it! It has been so sunny though beyond that sunny business indeed.

Yeah, so this Euginia Kim bag was perfect for all this glorious hot weather and sunshine! Not that anyone really can do too much to enjoy it. Social distancing. Although, you can go for walks like it did. However, my booger just wanted to run in a circle and play with his train out in the sunshine and shade . It was good I think that he got out of the house for a teensie but.

Circle being ran here. Hahah a lot of pictures are the top of my littler’s head. It is the funniest thing, and if you saw my instagram stories you can watch me finally catch the elusive little. Things are not always going to go as planned , and enjoying little things like walks are a treat right now. Sad thing is I do not think people are treating Covid-19 as seriously as they should be. And they really should.

And I get it, we are all tired of being cooped up. We are sick of that quarantine life , and the uncertainty of what happens next is pretty scary. We are all having to make a lot of major adjustments and for many people our lives will never be the same. Just a bit of tired mama thinking here. I haven’t slept in days…again.

So, I guess I should get off my weird tangent soap box. And talk about this Nicholas Dress. I really love it! The colors are bright and cheery and looks fabulous with this bag by Euginia Kim! And my fave kitten heels from ASOS.

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  • Molly April 11, 2020 at 4:03 AM

    That last pic is the prettiest pic of you! The setting and outfit are prefect! You sure this isn’t in a magazine somewhere??? 😉


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