Sunday shopping MANGO

Oh my stars and garters! MANGO why do I lurve you so much? The clothes are not only fashionable but super affordable. Ahh a match made in heaven. I have been going on a MANGO kick since the summer and keep going. I love and hate being on the email list because I want to physically run to the store and rummage through everything. Uh they have kids clothes too. Yesh!
But, luckily for me, and my wallet, the nearest store is in Miami which would be like a 3 to 3 and a half hour drive. So, online is the way for me.  Oh well. I feel I can be more in control while shopping virtually. Well…maybe…if my good friend Reisling isn’t involved or Pink Moscato egging me on  to buy one in EVERY color.  Such good friends to have.
Anyways, there is a midi dress that i want from MANGO and other things. And I made a wish list for the little one as well. Why? They need love too.
I’m rambling..aren’t I?

I love this outfit! So snugly and chic! I could definitely see myself wearing this in the late fall early winter.


This would be for my tiny child! Oh my god. So cute! But, I have trouble finding a US site. I want!! Look at the sweaters! I’m dying from the cute over load!! These outfits are the cutest thing I have ever seen! Must get!

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