Stealing from the guys the h&M bugs bunny sweater #fashionblogger #ootd #hm #bugsbunny

Stealing from the guys, The H&M Bugs Bunny sweater.

Stealing from the guys the h&M bugs bunny sweater #fashionblogger #ootd #hm #bugsbunny

Why is it that sometimes men get the better clothes than us? They get pockets that actually work, they get better sweaters, they get pockets that work. I know I said that last bit twice but I am so sick of getting jeans only to find out the pockets do not have the pocket part.

There are things that menswear has beyond working pockets that women should have too. And while they have a lot we should have we have an upper hand in some of it. And that is we can still wear the shirts and sweaters.

It is not unusual to borrow stuff from menswear and many designers use that. REAL POCKETS FFS!

Ahem….boyfriend tees and Jeans. Menswear curated towards women. And we can just wear the freaking menswear tees and sweaters.  Just as long as we get sizes comparable to ours in ladies wear.

H&M – Knit Sweater – Black • H&M • $34.99
Banana Republic Baguette Chandelier Earrings • Banana Republic • $54
H&M – Jacquard-knit Skirt – White • H&M • $29.99
Asos Design ASOS DESIGN Lips bow slingback ballet flats in pink velvet • Asos • $35
H&M – Bag – Gray • H&M • $34.99

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