Strange dreams// wearing Herve Leger

So I am now on a new medication. And so far no allergies to it! That is good. However there are some setbacks. Constipation with Venlaflaxine is common, and so are weird dreams. Weird weird dreams

My dreams since being on this medication have been so insane and not bad insane but just weird.
I guess I should elaborate on the one I remember. Yeah. So here goes what I can remember.
it is a doozy trust me. And you will be like wtf steph at the end of it. It has it all, sharks, real estate, unsual architecture and jet skis as well as kids.
woo a lot. And I will link to what I am wearing or a similar look, the Herve Leger I am wearing was thrifted (with tags!) and I will do my best and will link again to it at the end of the post. So here is what I have on (or similar)

kate spade new york Medium Leather Clutch Crossbody • Kate Spade • $198
ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Wonder pointed mid-heeled bow mules in forest green velvet • Sold Out
ASOS DESIGN statement headband with gold leaf and crystal embellishment • $24
HERVE LEGER Short dress • Herve Leger • $1,250

So the dream starts with me looking at a potential listing which all of a sudden flash forward to my husband and I owning said house and discussing how his mom wants to move in and we don’t think it is a good idea, guest house or not. Blah blah. The house has a weird design, so the front part of the house is mostly windows. It is two story and this part of the house is separated from the rest by a beautifully designed garden in the center. Like this garden so many instagram models and bloggers would kill to shoot at it. The front of the house over looks a gorgeous green manicured lawn and massive playground for the kids and a long long long drive way on this street of other homes made of brick and all beautiful. Anyways this front part of the home is just unsual as it is a sitting room on the top and bottom floor. A simple stair case or gold elevator takes you to the second story and balcony . So the rest of the house looks like a normalize home. Bedrooms and kitchen, massive bathrooms and stuff with 2 pools. Yeah.

So then all of a sudden we are transplanted to the past. Me showing my husband and kids this house We👏Have👏To👏Have,right? Right. So, I have us go to the open house. We tour the home and the kids to the massive play area, this place looks like the treehouse from Barney and Friends. Kid you not. And there were a butt ton of kids running around. There were a lot of multi colored doors and walkways with rope handrails. This was a cool set up . We were leaving and then walking by the pool there were jet skis in the one pool and sharks in the other . And as we were walking off the announcer said that it was time to start the auction for the house. And everyone who is not there for that must leave. We stayed and ended up winning the auction. And then I woke up. Weird dream.
just weird.
What do you think?

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