Stopped Taking Orsythia+warm winter sweaters

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am so tired of feeling like a stranger in someone else’s body.  So tired of it all. I have been feeling sick since I started DEPO and then got off depo only to get put on Orsythia BCP, this is after I asked and basically begged in a sort of minor manner to be put BACK on ortho trycylin. And I was then told my age is why they would not put me back on the pill I know works. The pill that I always went back to after doctors switched me to something different. The pill that WORKED for my body. I was told no, we are going to put you on this one instead. There were promises of weight loss, mood being better and all this other stuff. Only I didn’t loose weight and my mood was utter shit. There are now hot flashes randomly all the time, and the bcp made me feel sick all the time and exhausted. So, I stopped taking it. Stopped putting that pill that was doing me no favors in my body. And now, a few weeks later here I am feeling almost 80% better! No more ravenous cravings all the time, swelling is going down, and my mood is improving. Now  I still have bad days, and that is the part of recovery. I wish that my last ob-gyns would listen to me. I feel like they were more concerned with a pharmecutical $$$ than my own well being. It was as if a pharm rep was talking for them and their only concern was that bottom line, and they prescribed as such.

No listening…no hearing understanding..just candy coated bullshit for  drug that made me miserable for almost a whole god damned year! Yes, I am mad. But, now the only thing I can think is to move forward and hope I continue to recover. 

Now let us talk comfy sweaters! This black cozy knit sweater I am wearing is by Michael Kors, Size Small for reference, and I had been eyeballing it for a while in the outlet mall. Finally it was on sale ! It is something I just really love! The softness of it and the warmth, even though in Florida the cold weather is not very often. I still love it!

So here are some of m picks for some glorious sweaters for winter!

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