stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale top

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale topStepping out of your comfort zone, not an easy thing to do. Your comfort zone is called that for a reason, you are comfy and you do not deviate from it. This can be something that happens in parenting, blogging, fashion, travel, and food even! There is a comfort zone in each! Today on I am talking about the blogging and fashion part of this. My comfort zone in blogging and fashion is the topic of the day, and how the heck I got out of it.

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale topYou may recognize this outfit I wore some of it, Okay all of it just not the jacket, on this post here. I added the plaid top to change it up a bit. Why not right? It makes it more fall like. A Floridian fall outfit is what I am wearing! Now, for the subject matter a few years ago, you would have really never saw me wear shorts. GASP. I know, I didn’t wear shorts at all except for the rare occasion. I do mean rare. I just didn’t like how I felt in them. Did not think I looked good in them. It really wasn’t until this year when Victoria Beckham released her line for Target that I really started to wear shorts! You can see that post here. That is insane right for someone who lives in subtropical weather to tropical weather year round.

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale top

But it is true, my comfort zone was pants and skirts. OK and dresses I wear a lot of dresses. And then when I got pregnant I needed something else to wear too. Summer this year was a scorcher and I was outside more often this year with traveling. That post about Letchworth still needs to be put on the blog. I am a slacker! And so, I went to Motherhood Maternity to get some shorts and grabbed a couple of pairs. I went out of my comfort zone and you know what it was OK!

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale topNow, how does that go into blogging? Well, I am getting to that next. As a blogger I am constantly challenging myself to do more and do better. Always improving and changing. The big one for me was photos and taking them. When I first started out, I just posted nonsense. No meaning behind anything, no thoughts and no images. It was not until I got off my butt and researched fashion blogs that I realized I need imagery! So, I grabbed what I had which was a shitty version of my current phone. Still trying to figure out what DSLR to get, as someone who takes her own photos and usually with a wiggly child in tow it is easier to grab my phone and put it in the phone attachment for my tripod. You do what you have to. Anyway, I started taking my photos outside of my house,like in the back yard. But, I wanted to do better. I wanted the photos to look better. I said to myself(get ready for some awesome inner monologue) “Self”,I said “you are going to have to go out of the house and take photos. Who cares if someone sees you doing it. All they will do is stare. And if they want to know what you are doing they will ask. Then you tell them. WE LIVE IN THE AGE OF SELFIES WOMAN!” So, I gathered up my courage and my kid and off we went. I never looked back! I got out of that comfort zone. I think it has done me well. That is actually the question I get asked most by people ” How do you take images of yourself and how do you handle the staring? Or being out in public shooting your own photos. Well, the above answers some of it. With the staring you just ignore it for the most part and if they continue then you make a really weird off the wall face. You can also act shocked that they can see you.

forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shorts


Steal my style!

Shirt: Aeropostale similar from Target

blouse: Forever 21 similar

Short: (onsale) Motherhood maternity and non maternity here

Shoes: ALDO old I like these here

Bag: Sold out ALDO I like this one from ALDO

Lips: Urban Decay Conspiracy

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale top


Trust me there are still times with both things that I question myself. But then I remember this is something I want to make a career, so I have to suck it up and get the work done! This is part of that work.

stepping out of your comfortzone, wearing motherhood shorts and aeropostale topSo there you go, that’s it, that’s today’s blog post.

Happy Monday!

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  • Shea October 2, 2017 at 6:49 PM

    Way to go for stepping outside your comfort zone! I admire you for getting outside your own house/yard and taking your own pictures. I wish I were better about that. I usually just take them in my yard, and I make my poor husband do it 🙂

    • Stephanie October 3, 2017 at 1:07 AM

      It was hard to do at first but, as I view it I am doing things for my bog abd so I forced myself out.

  • Sheela Goh October 5, 2017 at 3:55 PM

    I so completely understand, Stephanie!!! Both the shorts bit as well as being photographed in public. If you look at my posts before February 2016, they were all taken via my iPhone. By my teenage daughter who really tried and they were all taken around the house. Even when I hired a professional I still took photos nearby the house until end last year. At that point, I was like to hell with it/them. If I couldn’t see them past my sunnies, I was convinced they couldn’t see me either hahaha

    Watch out for my post next Monday. It’ll be about shorts, shorts, and yet more shorts.

    By the way, you look fab in shorts xo

    • Stephanie October 5, 2017 at 4:45 PM

      THank goodness I am not alone in that. Your photos are amazing!


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