Spring shopping. Gearing up my little man.

I have been on a little man shopping spree. Yesterday I got him a cute dinosaur toddler bed set. Not that he is out of the crib. He isn’t , it is just to have. And then today, I got a notice from The Children’s Place about a sale.
Thirty percent off $60 or more with coupon MORESALE3!
Where I went nuts and bought things already 50% off and got an extra 30%. Use the coupon! I bought the cutest shirts and shorts for my boy. And I got him another pair of sandals.

He will wear them, soonish.


This is some of the things I got. And I can not wait to get them in! I will have little man show them off, maybe! After all he is the most fashionable sir I know!

his clothes are better than mine…..

The Children’s Place even accepts PayPal.

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