Spontaneous events + Disney tee and hunt for red sweatpants .


Today was one of those days, was up and down with a baby who is cutting another tooth. And decided that after my son’s appointment that we would go to the outlets for our continued search for red sweat pants for him. The reason? Well on Halloween my poor boy has to go in for an MRI and has to be sedated.With him having Autism, the likely hood of sitting still is not going to happen. And with him having sensory processing disorder that noise will be a no go. So sedation with local anesthesia.  And if by trick or treat time he is still not 100 % he may not feel like dressing up in his Bob the Builder costume. So since the littlest and I are Cat In The Hat and Thing 2, big brother may end up in a comfy costume. Meaning he would become Thing 1. He will be in a wagon that can carry both boys trick or treating in the mall. 

So, in that burst of spontaneous combustion in my brain we went to the shops and looked for this bit of comfy costume goodness. And if nothing else he can wear it whenever. 

We hit up his fave store, no not the candy store. He loves the GAP. Their sweat pants are his world and he loves their shorts and jeans. My boy has good taste.And they have a lot of sales at the outlets. His other preference is Asics for shoes. They last. 



Now did we find them? The pants? YES! Gap had some red pants but not the shade of red we needed. They had more of a wine colored pants. We needed Christmas red. So to Osh Kosh B’gosh we went and found a bright red pair of pants! Perfect sweat pants for the boy to be comfy in and be Thing 1 if he needs to be.  They were on sale too!

Shop our shopping day!

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