Zara jewel in the closet. #ootd #fashionblogger

Sparkly Zara Jewel in the closet!

Zara jewel in the closet. #ootd #fashionblogger

I forgot I owned this damn dress. I bought on sale at Zara and then never really wore it. The thing is sequins is a lot to pull off. It is an IN YOUR FACE kind of detail. And if you are not careful it will wear you and not the other way around. But I do so love that sparkly stuff. I wore it with a simple Uniqlo Heat Tech top and some flip flops(went to the hard ware store in this…kid you not.)

I love this dress so much! I really need to wear it more.   How did I forget it? Well, I stuffed it in my closet and forgot it existed. And then I cleaned out my closet getting rid of things that don’t fit, that are beyond repair(kids and cat) and well there is was like a sparkly beacon. A sparkly dress begging to be worn! And so I wore it!

Zara jewel in the closet. #ootd #fashionblogger

Ok really quick , my 6yr old took this picture right here!!!!! Wearing sequin in the say is simple, layer with a basic like a top like this, some cute casual shoes, and simple accessories. And while this dress isn’t available anymore, I have created an identical outfit with pieces from other shops.

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