Skyrim is my relaxing time

Some people meditate, some exercise, do yoga, or cuddle up with a good book and read. I can do most of those things mentioned. But, what has  really relaxed me lately is Skyrim.

Lydia stop eating and clean!

Lydia stop eating and clean!

This video game with it’s open world, never ending quests,and tons of equipment options,and music score that has it’s own playlist on my Pandora. This game  has become my true mode of relaxation. I run around Skyrim putting buckets on people, slaying dragons, shooting people in the knee, and listening to the music as I go. As well as get mad at Lydia constantly. What bliss!And after a few dragon slayings you have one peaceful evening. Unless you forget to save, die and loose 5 hours of gameplay. We have all been there.

Video games for me,much like a good book, or nice long walk are a nice way to escape. They recharge my mind,help me think, and satisfy my inner nerd.  My way of relaxation may not be the best way for some, but for me it works. After a day of temper tantrums,diapers, never ending chores, and whatever else; it is nice to go to. Some people have Netflix and Supernatural. Me? I have Xbox and Skyrim.

"Stats good on Kajhit?" "I dunno, she goes meow. Like a kitty kitty kitty cat" #facepalm  I chose the cat, I love cats.

“Stats good on Kajhit?”
“I dunno, she goes meow. Like a kitty kitty kitty cat”
I chose the cat, I love cats.


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