Shoes, why you no fit?!

Oh shoes, how I love thee. What I hate is many no longer fit my feet. During pregnancy, I swore I would wear heels the whole time. If the stars can, why can’t I? Right? Yes! And so there I was swollen and round walking in 4 inch heels. Did I feel sexy? You betcha. What I didn’t know was how much my body would change, especially my feet. Other women would say you know your feet will grow, I would counter, swell not grow ma’am. Um yeah. About 5 months my feet swelled and I went from a size 7.5 to an 8. Wow. So I went out and bought new shoes.

After pregnancy I figured my feet would deflate and I could go back to wearing all the shoes from before. Mostly I could. My BcBg strappy sandals fit like a charm. But, my Steve Madden shoes, they make me feel like Cinderella’s step sister squeezing into a tinier than life Disney shoe. I have not been able to wear gorgeous shoes and I feel sad. I can’t hold on to them so they are now in the store. One person asked if I could put them on, uh no. And why the store and not a garage sale? Well they are in excellent condition and they would just sit there at a garage sale. And a sister has to eat right? So, yes I put them in my store.

So now including the clothes I will never fit in again,from pregnancy and pre-pregnancy; now includes shoes. Woo. My side of the closet is looking bear and I am getting depressed over it. Who has more stuff to wear me or hubby? Hubby.

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