Saturday today is a day for bright orange.


I love this ankle length dress from H&M.  It is perfect for days where I am A. Too gosh darn tired to wear something more complex and B. It is so hot out that the make up and nail polish melts right off. We have a heat index of 120 today here in sunny old Florida.  Yeah. It is 99° out but it will feel like 120°.
You will feel like you walked through the gates of Mordor and into Mt Doom if you go outside today. (Tolkien reference)
I normally don’t wear orange colored anything but this dress called out to me. So, I tried it out and loved it. I paired it with a coin necklace from H&M as well. The shoes are old but you can use any kind of sandal really with this dress. It is a great summer dress.

I looked on H&M for this dress, but it may be available in the store vs online.

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