Samsung galaxy s4; my thoughts.

Well savvyshoppers, I had to go get a new phone the other day. As my s3 bit the dust. It refused to turn on and the other one wouldn’t charge. I went to Best Buy and got assistance with getting a new phone. The guys in the Sanford, Florida location are awesome. I ended up with the s4; the Galaxy S5 is a bit out of my price range at the moment. So, far not a bad phone. The camera is a bit shakey with the auto-focus. It is always a blur. The note 3, has a better  camera. The s4 has a bigger screen and faster processor than the s3, and oh my the battery life is better.
Over all not a bad phone. One thing I am super happy they did was they went back to the homekey/power button for screen shots.  No more swiping of the wrist. What genius thought that was good?
Is the s4 worth getting? Yes, I’d say so. If the S5 is out of budget. If not get an s5 or note3, if you don’t have a tablet.

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