Rolling in those holly jollies.

To say that I am a Christmas enthusiast is a bit under-exaggerating. When in  fact I am not an enthusiast. I am obsessed.  Yes, I am a Christmas nut. I get excited for the lights and trees. I get over joyed for the thought of cookies. And I love giving cookies and gifts! Love it! Of course I love getting presents too, I mean let us be honest. We ALL do.


There to me is no such thing as too much holly jolly. But, there are those who try to bring the Grinch out of you. Which my little man was being a Grinch towards Santa. I guess mama learned a lesson, do not take boy to see the jolly old elf when he A.just wakes up from nap. and B. is hungry for a pretzel. OH! and C. when grammy isn’t there.


So, keeping in the spirit of things, I took to Pinterest to find a great cookie recipe to try. I love Chocolate Chip cookies and I found the best recipe on there.  It comes from Spicy Southern Kitchen and this blog is one of my favorite food blogs!

I love baking cookies around Christmas, there is just something about cookies during the month of December that really makes them taste better. That or I am going crazy. And if so, oh well.


Chewy Chocolate chip cookies recipe here


So, Turn up that Bing Crosby White Christmas and jam out while making some holiday treats! Meanwhile, I am going to clean up a cookie mess that just happened on my floor courtesy of a little 1 yr old.

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