Purple hair don’t care, trichotillomania

Some Times dealing with my trichotillomania is easy . You know, I can feel like it is going to be a hair pulling day. And so I put the wig on, and I am loving how creative I feel with them on. And confidence soars. And then there are days when I am like why bother? The fear of snide comments and remarks from those who are supposed to love me make me feel like I am doing something bad. Like I am, by wearing this fake hair whatever the psychological reason , means I am trying to be someone I am not.

The hair though I really feel is allowing me to be who I am. I have always wanted to have mermaid hair and the wigs allow that without the upkeep and damage. Also helps with the trichotillomania a lot. I love that I can help my mental part and also the esteem as well as change up the look a bit.

Still, I need to make my voice heard on the matter . And I feel like these help me and the synthetic materials keep me from having the urge to pull. Lit unicorns has some fantastic synthetic wigs! I have purple, pink, brown, blue, mermaid and blonde! I love them all , just need to work on my self confidence when wearing them a bit more and thinking wtfcwpt! Who the f-@k cares what people think?

Wig is :

My outfit , I am once again wearing these Badgley Mischka sequin trousers. Along with the

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