Oh the hilarity..

I really need to stop reading Kotex emails. Why, you may ask. Well today I got another knee slapper of a game for android and iPad. But this time there is a new thief in town.


OK, now this isn’t the first one of these I have gotten and certainly won’t be the last until I unsubscribe from emails. I stayed subscribed for the coupons they sometimes send. And let us say for the sake of all things science I played this, would I get any enjoyment out of it? Or, would I simply be lying to myself as a gamer that this may be a good game although a bit misguided?
A good game? Did I really just say that?
Ugh..let me just in the name of Bill Nye try this thing out.


Superpowers huh? I had no idea. Hmmm…if I could have a superpower once a month, wouldn’t be any of those. What super powers would you want if only once a month?

OKaaaay. This is already off to a weird start.

You’ve got to be kidding me!
Oh no! Not the undies! Don’t kill the underwear! We need those! I am guessing that is the evil Cramp Monster. Kind of reminds me of the guy that throws spikey things at you in Super Mario Bros. He looks evil, I mean look at him. Why must he hate the underwear? And why must I assume it is a guy? Confusion!

So, this is basically the game friends. It is a bit glitchy and when you tap right sometimes she moves and sometimes she doesn’t. You get hit by what I am guessing is a drop of blood(ew) and you die. I only lasted a minute before I said, enough of this. You are to collect the underwear like Mario collects coins and make your way up to the floating pad,I guess .
Now, I know what you are thinking. “This isn’t supposed to be a serious game.” Oh I know. I get it.
I get why they are doing this, marketing. And trying to get people to use their brand of feminine products. Not that it is supposed to be serious and I get it is supposed to be funny.

Just like this post and review, it isn’t serious and is supposed to be funny. Although, I may have missed the mark on that one.

And bravo to Kotex, you got me to try another game about “that time of the month” .

Now, back to playing The Evil Within

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