forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shorts

A not so Fall like outfit, Forver 21 tank and Motherhood shorts.

forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shortsSomewhere I think fall didn’t get the memo that it is supposed to cool down. I am here in Florida and yeah it is still hot most of the year, but sometimes it would be nice to cool down a bit, don’t you think? For people here in this state we are still dressing like it is summer in winter. So, the fact we are walking around in shorts and tank tops are still such a concept for me. Even though I have lived here for eons. Really, there is not much of a transition in Florida to fall, we do not get those change of seasons much. You may think maybe it will be that way, but then you step outside and your breath is taken away by that sticky summery heat.


forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shortsSo, today I am sharing an outfit that does not scream FALL IS HERE! How can I? It is almost 100 degrees outside. I pulled out my Forever21 tank and my Motherhood Maternity shorts to wear. I had to, it is too hot some days to even “pretend” that it is fall. You can try, but you will be back in your shorts and tee shirts in no time. Wishing you were thinking about that summer weather when you got up in the AM.

These shorts I got from Motherhood Maternity on sale and I love them! The embroidery is so pretty! It is every much the trend this summer and fall. Embroidery. The design is simple, and in a nice cream color. Goes with quite a few things. So, I wore my cute and light Forever 21 cami and brought out the ALDO sandals. For the extra touch, I took out that tropical ALDO bag, which is sold out but so pretty.

forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shortsTo embrace the more rich and darker colors for fall, I wore my Urban Decay Vice City lipstick in Conspiracy. The rich purple-brown color is fall perfect, even if I am running around in summery attire. The color is one I can not recommend enough and it looks good on any skin tone!

forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shortsI am right now in my stage of pregnancy where I need to transition more out of my non maternity tops and in to maternity tops. My problem is one that I have talked about before, finding things that are flattering and not too oversized. I get that some women like it, but I want more of the sleek look. A look that makes me feel more myself. Not like a billowy pillowcase walking about. Which I why I choose dresses like the one I wore in this post, and this one. Comfort is important but so it self Identity while pregnant. Which is something I will talk about in a later post.

I need to just bite the bullet and order some things.

forever 21 top and motherhood maternity shortsShop my look!

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Motherhood Maternity

Shoes: ALDO old similar

Bag: ALDO sold out I love this one!

Lips: Urban Decay

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  • Molly September 29, 2017 at 5:16 PM

    So pretty! So proud of you for wearing shorts! 😉

    You look fantastic!!!

    • Stephanie September 30, 2017 at 12:44 AM

      Thank you Molly!! I know I used to not wear them ever, but I broke that habit recently and have embraced them a bit more.

  • Julie N September 30, 2017 at 3:50 PM

    Super cute look! I love that top. I’m in Florida too, and it’s so hot that it’s almost miserable wearing jeans! Happy weekend!

  • Meet My Lovely World September 30, 2017 at 7:03 PM

    You look gorgeous dear! Love your lipstick!


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