New Watch!


I have a great appreciation for watches. I decided I really needed to start wearing one again when I am constantly asked what time it is. I am usually the one asking. Yes, I ask myself for the time. 

My hubby got me a wonderful watch by Betsey Johnson. It is so adorable and simple. Nothing too over the top here. It is a sweet little watch with a smaller face and thin strap.


The thing that really draws me to this adorable Betsey Johnson bracelet meant for keeping time is the fact it has pink and it shows all the numbers. Yes, I need watches to show all the numbers. I hate when I have a watch that doesn’t. It takes me 800 years to figure the time, so by the time I can tell someone what the time is, they have already moved on or died waiting on me to figure it out. Funny right?

I know I need to get the watch sized, but I kind of like it loose like that.  I also like how the numbers look, they just have that whimsical look to them.

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