Nablopomo December. Joy is the theme.

Hello friends and fashionistas. I am doing another Nablopomo again. This month’s topic is joy. So, today I am going to post what brings me joy.


This crazy cat brings me joy.


I mean look at him, he is hilarious.


These two bring me joy. My little man brings me more joy than anything in the world. My life became perfect when he came around. Truly did.


Pie. Pie brings joy.


This brings me much joy.



Shadows of Mordor.

Shadows of Mordor.

This, this right here brings me joy! A LOT OF FREAKING GAMER JOY! I finally beat this mission. Something I had been trying failing and then walking away head held down in shame considering how easy this one was. UGH! And then last night I beat it. YAY!

What brings you joy?


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