My Holiday to do list + H&M Sweaters

I know it is only November and early November at that, but I wanted to write out my holiday to do list. Reasons? Well, there are things that I say I want to do every year and never get to because I do not hold myself to those things. And or I let others dictate if I should do the things or not. For example, taking the kids to look at Christmas trees at malls, outdoor shopping places, etc.. He gets excited but isn’t being bad.

So This holiday season I want to:

Take my boys to Disney Springs Tree walk and the place more than once!

Get the boys to try to see Santa at the Mall at Milenia or Disney Springs. *they didn’t last year, and I do not force it.*

Take the boys to the town Christmas tree light up and ice skating

Go Christmas light looking

Take family Holiday photos.

Go look at Christmas Trees at multiple places with the kiddos and take blog photos for me!

decorate how I really want to for Christmas

Watch all my favorite Christmas movies and tv shows.

Bake cookies

Listen to christmas music freely

go to Legoland with my little family for the holidays

Watch the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade!

These are just a few things, just a few.


Ok now I am done!

Oh that felt good to actually write that all down.

Let’s see how well I do at accomplishing that all.

SO, this is a great sweater for the holidays! It is from H&M nd it is from last season. I just plain forgot I owned it and also when I got it the weather was too hot for me to wear it comfortably. The sweater then just sat in my closet. Sat there until now! I love the sparkle and the softness of the inside of the sweater! This is a perfect outfit for days where you want to be home and comfy  and have an errand or two to run!

Unfortunate for all of you, this is not available on H&M any more. But I did round up some fabulous sweaters from H&M for you all to look at!

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