Monday. Need I say more?


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I am wondering what to write at the moment as I sip on my third cup of coffee. I am drawing a blank. A serious blank. A lack of sleep will do that to a person. And although I am running off of fumes, potato salad, a bit of multi-berry muffins I am still getting quite a bit done today. At one point my kitchen was clean and at one moment my living room was too. But there are these things called little tornadoes that strike without much warning through out my house. He is a cute tornado, but destructive. What was clean and tidy is now a mess of toys, blankies, and sippy cups. Oh the joys of motherhood. It is the gift that keeps giving.

Then lunchtime came and I was able to sit with him and read aloud “The Return of The King”. Which even though this book has been out forever, people the series is worth having. Lord of the Rings, Get them and get them now! Been some of my favorites for years.  Lunchtime was over soon enough and he was ready for his nap.

So, that leads us to right now. Me, sitting here figuring out what to write about on this fine Monday. Which I guess when you look at it now. It would seem I have found what to write about after all.


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