#Momlife what’s been going on, Laryngomalacia?

So, I haven’ been the best of bloggers for a while. I seem to want to write and then end up never finishing. Why? Well, I am passing out on the couch before I can even click on new post in my blogs writing portion.

So, what gives? Other than having a preemie and an older child with Autism. Well, a lot and a lot is actually centered around my baby E.

The thing is I am up all night with him. More than the normal baby stuff. But, because he would what we thought stop breathing. And not just once or twice but all night off and on. I was panickng every time I heard that horrible gasp of air.

So, at baby E check up, I mentioned my paranoid feelings which were also my husband’s feelings too. The doctor then had us get a wedge to put under his bassinet mattress. And sent us to a sleep study.

His fist sleep study he was hooked up t the monitor and it was a sleepless night as mom (me) forgot his bottle. And he has trouble with breast feeding . I had to Macguyver a makeshift bottle.

That Afternon , I got a troubling call from the study. He had to go back for a second time. And this time with a Cpap.pictured above.It was a long night of him screaming and no deep. Also found out he almost had an ambiance called the night before. Now we have to see an emt and neurologist. I am so tired.

I am so tired. The lack of sleep makes it hard to think, to get things done. The condition he has is called Laryngomalacia.Laryngomalacia is a condition that affected the flaps around the vocal cords. They are weak and then that causes some apneas. And other problems, some that can be life threatening in the most extreme circumstances. A lot of times this happens in preemies. This condition is something they can grow out of. What does that mean for my baby E? He has to have an oxygen tank and apnea monitor. He has to have oxygen when he is napping, bedtime, and when in the car. The CPAP was not ideal and plus I can not be up even more than I am at night, as well as deal with a screaming baby.

Not right for anyone in the house. So, breathing will be helped with an oxygen tank. What do you need to look for? A gasping for breath that is super high pitched, Breathing that stops for 15 to 20 seconds at a time. These are things that need a doctor’s attention.

SO, this is why I have been away more than not. This is why I never get things on the blog. This is why I am passing out dead tired everywhere. I have a lot of content to post, but when I get around to posting it I am already heavy eyed and laying down on the couch baby on my chest.  I get so overwhelmed and am trying to pump for him because he has trouble breastfeeding. My production is in the pooper and never being home to pump is taking it’s toll.


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