Makeup Monday. Loreal Infallible prolast lipcolor

Hi there friends! How are you this fine Monday morning?! I think I am doing alright. I forgot yesterday was Superbowl and went grocery shopping. Yeah, I am an idiot.

Oh well, I did score some great stuff and saved $100 from using coupons. And I got the very item I wanted to test out. I got Loreal Pro-last Lipcolor Infallible to test and compare it to CHANEL Ultra wear lipcolour. I even matched colors for the one that I have from CHANEL. Strawberry red and I got Infallible in Captivated by Cerise #209. Which made me think of Game of Thrones ,weird.  Great books and great show by the way.


OK so CHANEL’s lip colour, it lasts and has great colors. But, let us focus on the Loreal. According to the ad, it has up to 24 hour wear. It is intense color and will resist transfer and fading. Well, does it do all of that? Yes. GOD YES. HOLY MOTHER OF MAKEUP. It lasts. And the crap still wont come off my hand. So, now I have 2 lines of redish lip color on my hand which my hubby made it a point to point out. The color is bright and my lips do not feel dry.



Step one, you apply the color which is really vivid. Then you set it with the clear stick. CHANEL you apply color first and then apply gloss. The gloss just adds shine you can go matte and it still stays. As does the Loreal, but the Loreal Infallible can be sticky so I would still use the 2nd step.


It is really bright color, again I am wearing Captivated by Cerise. And it is a great color. Love it!

The CHANEL color is just as bright though and I have worn it numerous times here on the bloggeroo.

OK so, let’s compare.

Let us start with CHANEL

Chanel Ultra Wear Lipcolour.

Lasts up to 24 hours? yes

Different shades? yes

Can be worn with or without 2nd coat? Yes

Price? $32

Splurge but worth it.

OK, Now Loreal Infallible

Loreal Pro-Last Lipcolor Infallible .  Wow what a name….

Lasts up to 24 hours? Yes

Different shades? yes

Can be worn with or without 2nd coat? Yes, but I wouldn’t it got sticky. Technically you could. It may not have been dry enough. But it does last.

Price? $12.95 at most drugstores. You can use coupons and  rewards dollars on it. So there are some money saving things for this. Walgreen’s has a bogo for this product right now available here

Which do I like better? Ummmmm……





my little one really wanted mama to wear the red shoes. So mama is wearing the red shoes today.

my little one really wanted mama to wear the red shoes. So mama is wearing the red shoes today.

Truth is I like them both. They both are fantastic! I guess it has to do with really do you want to splurge or do you want to save money. Pretty much identical products. But, that is just my humble opinion.  Both are equally good.


Sorry guys. I no can choose….no..noo.nooo.nooo.



  • Molly February 3, 2015 at 3:49 AM

    I just love how your personality shines through in this post! Thank you for yet another quality update!

    • Stephanie February 3, 2015 at 8:43 AM

      Thanks!! Really appreciate it!!!


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