Mac Retro liquid lipstick vs Chanel Ultra Wear .


mac and chanel liquid lipsticksHi there friends today is Wednesday and while I should be talking about my January faves or posting an outfit I am going to talk about this instead.Monty python

I love my lipstains, or liquid lipsticks. Why do I love them so much? They have the staying power and longevity that a mama who loves to smooch her little one needs! Or anyone who hates when their lipstick lifts off onto what ever they are eating or drinking.

Or even lipsticks that bleed(hate that) get annoying. Looking at you Tarte liquid lipstick. grrrr.

I am always on the hunt for some true long wearing lip colors. And MAC’s new Retro matte liquid lipstick and Chanel’s Ultra Wear Liquid lip colour are my faves BY FAR! So what is so fab about them? They have that long wearing lip power!

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Oh…I can feel it.

So let’s dive right in to this thing!

First up is the newbie. MAC Retro matte liquid lipstick! Or since that is a really long name lets just name it the MRMLL, because seriously. The name is too damn long!

MAC retro liquid lipstick

This is a vividly colored lipstick. It is a liquid and is applied with an applicator. Kind of like a lipgloss.  It is supposed to stay on 8hrs and isn’t drying. This liquid lipstick has the staying power for sure, I wouldn’t go as far as 8 hrs. But it does stay on a good time. And doesn’t come off when eating, I tested it by smooching tiny child on the cheeky and it didn’t come on him. Also didn’t irritate his skin(sensitive as his mama). Now, closer to about a 5hr mark it did lift a bit. Meaning parts came off  or if drinking something it would do what a normal lipstick would do. But hey, that was after 5hrs. WOW! You will need a makeup remover to take it off. E.L.F has a remover specifically for that and I’ll link to it below. REALLY WORKS! The MRMLL does not dry the lips out, and doesn’t flake off until again, that 5hr mark.  This product is $20 a tube, but one tube will last a long, long time. So, you get your money’s worth here. Only thing to complain about is lack of colors. They need more.


Seriously who comes up with these names?


I don’t know either, but after a couple of words they need to back off. It is bad as prescription names.

chanel ultra wear liquid lip colour

This is my tried and true. And in my opinion the best of the liquid lipsticks or “lipstains” I have used. It stays on pretty much until you wash it off with a makeup remover. This truly has about a 24hr wear. It can be a tiny bit drying but that is what the gloss can help with. You apply just like the MAC and use the applicator then use the gloss if you like for a glossy wet look. Or leave as is for a matte look. I use it either way. This is a great product and what else would you expect from Chanel? Now it is pricier than the MAC, by $10. So, for $30 you can bring one of those home from your local Chanel counter. They have a great deal of colors. More color options than the MAC.

So as is with any liquid lippy or stain you need to make sure to exfoliate the lips before and then let it dry. Don’t exfoliate your lips and then apply. Either of these will come off. So Exfoliate waaay before you do your makeup and then wipe off any lipbalm before applying. You can use a lip pencil to outline for definition. But, really wont make much difference in staying power.

Now for drugstore options, there can be only one Loreal Infallible. I do like it for a drugstore liquid lipstick. BUT. It comes off a bit easier than the CHanel, and if you live in muggy weather sorry to say it will melt. Had that happen in August. YUCK! Still a great product, ranges from $10-13. I forgot how much exactly. Applied much the same way as the others but you do have to “set” the color with the clear balm. It does flake.



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 MAC Retro MAtte liquid lipstick can be purchased here

Chanel Ultra Wear liquid lip colour can be purchased online or at your local Chanel counter

E.L.F lipstain remover can be purchased here

Loreal Infallible can be purchased here

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  • rasa February 4, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    These colors look stunning and the packaging is gorgeous too!

    • Stephanie February 4, 2016 at 8:46 PM

      Thanks Rasa!!! 🙂 it is both are pretty good lipsticks too.

  • Grace Olivia Susan February 5, 2016 at 5:39 AM

    This is a comparison I’ve actually never come across. I find Chanel a little pricey but use their gradual face tanner which I love, never thought of looking into their lipsticks, other than their signature red one. Loving the Mac selection too but I agree they need more colours, really love that pinky one, defintely worth the price tag.

    • Stephanie February 5, 2016 at 7:23 AM

      Really? I figured someone already beat me to it. Haha . They are both good. Chanel lasts a long time as you really only need to apply it once maybe twice. I wear them a lot and from each got my money’s worth. 🙂

  • yuka February 9, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    I wanted to try the chanel one for a while now. the packaging is also way nicer, if that even matters. (of course it does! lol)

    • Stephanie February 9, 2016 at 11:35 AM

      The chanel one is my personal fave! I think it stays on better. Both are fantastic but that one takes the cake


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