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Luxury skincare Rodial Review

rodial reviewIt is time again for another beauty product review! This one is once again about Rodial! What is Rodial? Rodial is a luxury skin care line started in 1999. They saw there was a gap in high performance skincare .And so Rodial came to be and is now available in 35 countries! Pretty cool huh?! I think so! And that is why I am teaming up with Rodial once again to share some more of their fabulous and glamorous skincare!

You can see my initial unboxing here


I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now and I can now share my thoughts on them!  Not that I couldn’t before, but I didn’t test them all consistently in the time I originally stated for the review. OOPS. Life happened.So, now I will share my thoughts on the products Rodial was kind enough to send to me.

Dragon's blood lip plumperThe Rodial Dragon’s blood XXL lip plumper.


This plumper is for plumping the lips, but it also makes them nice and smooth. It moisturizes the lips as well as make them bigger. And yeah, I noticed the effects of it right away. Does it burn? Um, a little. But not as bad as some products do. This lip plumper is $30, would I buy it? I am not sure I would, I do not really have a need for a lip plumper as my lips are not that thin. But if you want fullness without loosing moisture in the lip this would be great for you!

It does work.

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser

This is my fave product of the group! This moisturizer has SPF 15 and is really enriching. The moisturizer isn’t heavy and gives my skin a nice soft feeling. THis product helps plum and rehydrate skin for up to 24 hours! The dragon’s blood soothes the skin and the moisturizer illuminates the skin. This comes in a pump bottle which I like! My skin did not have an allergic reaction or reaction in a bad way to this product. How I know if a product for the face does that too me, is my nose turns red, and I get a rash around my t-zone. It itches usually like crazy.And of course when I discontinue use I get better right away,and one benedryl later.

This did not happen with this product! This moisturizer is $62, would I buy? Maybe.

Rodial Bee Venom body serum Rodial Bee Venom body serum

Ok, so I saved this one for last. Why? Well there was a few concerns with this product. It is a bee venom based product. As someone who can have problems with bees this was a bit daunting to use. But for the sake of science I tried it. NOTE: If you have a massive allergy, DO NOT Use!!!!! There is a warning on the bottle! If you don’t think you do, do a small test patch. I did. I was OK. No worries. This product is not a lotion. It is a serum, This product nourishes and uplifts the skin. The serum offers some moisture and is really lightweight. And what I really love, besides the fact that it helped lessen the appearance of my stretch marks. Yes, I have them. Believe it or not.. What I really love about this is the freaking smell. It is like standing in a rose garden. The smell itself needs to be bottled. I would buy the hell out of it! This product is $72. Does it work? Yeah, it does. Would I rebuy? Not sure. Maybe. I am still a bit cautious over the bee venom, because I can get stung and feel like garbage for weeks after. So, yeah mine is a caution to that.

These products as a whole are great, smell good, and are what I expect of a luxury line. you can check out my last Review of RODIAL here and of their sister line Nip+fab here.

Other ROdial goodies

This post was in partnership with Rodial, product was sent to me to try and review, all opinions are my own.

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