Loreal 24hr cream liner!

I love this liner, it is a lot like Clinique Cosmetic’s Cream liner. This liner has a brush for easy use and you can get coupons for it. Check my coupon link for coupons here and combine with a Target store coupon, you can get it fairly cheap. Or go to Cvs pharmacy and get it there. I believe you can get rewards for buying a certain amount. If you spend $12 on Loreal makeup, you get $4 extra buck rewards towards next purchase! And since you are a Carecard holder for CVS pharmacy,right, you get a $5 off coupon towards your $15 cosmetic purchase! Ladies think of the savings here. That is fantastic! Anyways, this liner goes on smooth and stays put. It does come off easily with eye makeup remover. Like Almay cosmetics eye makeup remover, coupons are out for that as well. Or use Lancôme bifacils. (Sp) #hookedonphonics
The brush is just the right size, but if you have trouble get an angle brush. I believe e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio makeup line is the luxurious and professional line of cosmetics for the makeup artist in all of us. Shop now!“>E.L.F sells them for a dollar online or at Target stores.You may get more control with that, what I like to do is go from the edge of the eyelid to the middle, then the inner corner to the middle. I am shaky thanks to my hear condition, so it is easier for me to do it that way.
The liner ranges from $7.99-10.99

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