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For those of you who know me, will know i usually have no freaking time to do much. Let alone paint my nails, but when Londontown sent me some polish to review, I felt my old nail polish obsessed self come alive once again.

I was excited, new nail polish. New colors to try. Exciting, that is it would be if I could paint my nails and avoid disaster. That is really hard to do.

But, I gave it a good try didn’t I? Follow me on insta and you will know what I mean. My baby needed a diaper change and I messed it all up. The next time was a weak bladder. My nails looked awful.

So, Londontown is a great brand that has a very unique polish formula. It is designed to help nourish the nails, and that i think we can all be happy with. With their unique nail base coats and top coats you can get a manicure that will last. Just re-apply the top coat everyday.
The other awesome thing is Londontown has a reward system for customers which is awesome! Londontown is also now available in Anthropology and Neiman Marcus!

So let’s check out colors!

Londonium. $16
This is a bronze color that is pearlized with other shades like greens and yellows.This shade is pretty dark, but it is beautiful. Im not sure i like it matte. So i shared it shiny. It is a great color, 2 coats needed.

Bell Flower $16

I really love this neutral lilac shade it is a great all around color. Goes with anything. And for any season.

Lady Luck $16
I love this color, both matte and shiny! It is a rich red color perfect for the up coming seasons!

Fruit tella $16

Is a vibrant and fun pink shade! I love how it looks and think it will look fab and fierce matte.

Black Thorn $16

This color is gorgeous! It is amazing matte or shiny. I really like that in the shiny style it has a pearlescent hue and matte it is more one solid of a color. If that makes any sense.

I am really loving these nail polishes! And on my Glamorousandgeeky IGTV I did a quick review video and unboxing!

You can get Londontown at their website and at Neiman Marcus or Anthropology.

Nail polish provided by London town for review .all opinions are 100 % my own.

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  • Gabrielle July 29, 2018 at 1:45 PM

    Bell Flower is my absolutely favourite shade from this collection, it looks so pretty on your nails Stephanie!! x


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