livinng with mom tum, outfit target style #affordablefashion #fashionblogger #womenshealth

Living with “mom tum” || target style outfit

livinng with mom tum, outfit target style #affordablefashion #fashionblogger #womenshealth

Ahh the mom tum, or Diastasis recti as it is actually called, is something a lot of moms have to put up with. For many it goes away, rather heals up, but the majority of us sometimes the “pooch” sticks around. This pooch is a separation of muscles, and no matter how much you suck it in for pictures it is still there. It,for me, is uncomfortable, painful actually. The jiggle makes me nauseous, and not just because it looks weird but because it actually feels horrible.  I do the exercises to help it get back into place, but nope, it is just hanging there. When I go to put on shoes it is a mass that is in the way of my bending over while sitting, I have to buckle shoes off to the side in some weird stretch position. There is lower back pain, getting up can be a bitch, because there is no core. With my first born, it healed up with exercises. This time, not so much and my OB, said surgery for me may be the option. As things if you do not address them can get worse.

A hit to women’s health, a lot of insurances DO NOT cover the physical therapies for this condition. A condition that really is awful for women not just for our psyche but also physical health. I hate wearing a corset to keep my organs up, in this heat!? Forget it. And some insurances wont cover the surgery, because it could be argued as a plastic surgery since in essence it is a tummy tuck. But,these things should be a part of women’s care for post natal. Right? Since this awful condition is due to pregnancy. Our bodies get ripped up and mangled when pregnant trying to keep the little going.

But that is my opinion.

On bad days, where I feel extra squishy, I want to wear something comfy. So, these white linen pants from Target do the trick. Linen feels great in summer, and these wide leg pants are right on trend. A simple cami top also from Target completes the comfy look.

livinng with mom tum, outfit target style #affordablefashion #fashionblogger #womenshealth

And hilariously I took these pictures so last minute at Starbucks with half a tripod and looking like a total dork.

Shop my look.


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