Lancome Visionaire and Novex Brazillian Keratin


So, today is day three of using the Visionaire. It is not a bad product and I really like how it makes my skin feel. I am trying it for a week. I am doing this because the ad says visible results in one week. I am 29 but even a 29 year old with not much sun damage can have “stress” lines and uneven skin. I am wondering how it will continue to do and whether or not it is worth the $69 dollar price tag. I have noticed a tightening in my skin, but that could also be dehydration.

Now for the Novex stuff. I have noticed my hair is more soft, but today will be day two of using it. I have my hair a break yesterday, it tends to dry out more if washed every day. Again this product is a bath time product or if you have 3 mins to spare. Which with a baby is a luxury. He is napping and even when he isn’t I still sometimes get time to blog. I just haven’t lately. Anyways, I do not feel like I have this totally amazing magazineish hair. No, it still feels like it could use help. Redkin is still my #1. But, I am about to wash my hair and see again with a dryer and Chi how it does. I let it air dry last time.

I shall keep you posted!


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