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Hi friends! We all know that I am always on the hunt for some good or amazing moisturizers. I am always trying to find some that make my skin feel and look amazing. Always on the hunt like a lioness trying to find that perfect skincare regime. So, when Q-depot asked if I wanted to take a look at the J:Dew Green Moisture line, I said YES! Skin is important and once I read the info on each I was excited to try them! Super super excited. So excited, I could scream. I have a thing for good skincare, can you tell?


When the box arrived I was greated by this beautiful and simple box. It looks like wood and is really elegant and modern. Which I love! It says Green Beauty and Green Life, which is important now a days. And Clean and pure energy of nature. Which we all know how much I enjoy that. Even if it hates me. Then inside it was holding some beautiful bottles.

Jdew green moist moisturizerI love how modern the packaging is, and how it also came with some trial or rather travel size bottles. The green bottles give it that look of clean and spa day. And it truly feels like a spa when you use them.

jdew greenmoist kit mmoistureizer

So, WHO is J: Dew?

Well, J:DEw is an eco friendly brand that wants to bring a healthy lifestyle as well as beauty to it’s customers. They are giving you the pure and clean energy from the unspoiled Jeju Island, which is South Korean. You really should check out the pictures of this place, HOLY Poseidon of blue water.It is known for its refreshing breezes,clean waters, and warm weather.

(sounds heavenly.)

This product line has aloe vera and green tea from Jeju island and it helps moisturizes the skin as well as sooth irritations. It also has broccoli extract which has the antioxidants to help protect your skin from more damage. Then there is J:Dew’s 6 additive free system that ensures this product is safe for sensitive skin, like mine. And it really does feel amazing! It contains all natural lavandin oil and bergamot orange oils. There is a heavenly aromatic aroma that leaves you feeling relaxed and vitalized. But, the smell is not over powering, nor does it linger. Which is good for people who are sensitive to that sort of thing.

J:Dew Green moist tonerThe green moist toner moisturizes and cools your skin. While giving it a great clean feeling. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky nor is there an obnoxious burn. This hasn’t turned my face red either which can happen. Use with a cotton ball after washing, I used the Cetaphil face wash before this.  You follow it with the Green moist Essence. Which is kind of like a serum. It goes on the face and feels so refreshing. The whole line feels like that, refreshing.

Jdew Green moist emulsionThe Green moist Emulsion is next, the bottles are so clean and sleek. Perfect for that At-home-spa feel. Luxury.  This is a facial lotion that is right on like with the rest of the product line of the Green moist. It goes on smooth and makes your skin feel like silk after. this has some sunflower seed oils and argan oils.

JDew Green moist cream

The J:Dew moist cream is the last step in this skin care routine. This cream moisturizes the skin and does not leave it sticky. IT gets absorbed quickly and you are left with some beautiful and soft skin. With out the heavy feeling you get with some creams.  I love that it feels weightless. And , I also have acne prone skin and this has NOT made me break out which is good. This line has helped me with some redness issues.

I highly recommend this line especially if you have a need for moisture and have sensitive skin. The packaging is beautiful and will look great in your home. Modern Luxury.

Jdew travel kitLook how cute!!!!

What do you think? Have you heard of J:Dew?






This product line was provided for review. All opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for reading my blog and supporting the sponsors and the like. Without you this blog would not be possible! Thanks and keep being AWESOMELY MARVELOUS!



  • Rebecca May 31, 2016 at 4:46 PM

    I have never heard of this brand but I am always interested in finding new skin care lines! These products sound amazing and I love that they have great natural products in them. I would love to check these out!


    • Stephanie June 1, 2016 at 9:57 AM

      They are amazing! I really like the smell and they feel great on my skin! Highly recommend this line!


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