Instagram Worthy Bathroom Updates

People are always thinking about the gram. When to post, what filter or preset to use, and how they can make their house (and life, in general) more Instagram worthy. It sounds crazy, right? But, this is the world we live in right now and actually, I am here for it!

I started to write a post on how to make your home more Instagram worthy, but that would just take too long because there are so many updates that you can do in your entire home. So, instead, I want to start with the bathroom. Here are a few updates that you can do to make your bathroom a bit more Instagram worthy:

1. Optimize Your Storage

Have you ever heard of an organizational Instagram account? There are so many popular ones and for good reason, too. An organized bathroom is an Instagram worthy bathroom – I love looking at organized spaces that are perfectly manicured and color coordinated. How can you accomplish this? Tuck away towels and toiletries in convenient and functional storage areas. Modern twists on cabinetry allow styling accessories to plug into the back of cabinets, keeping cords hidden and clutter off of countertops. Open shelving is a trend for those desiring a more contemporary, hotel-style bathroom. Learn to maximize space and create unique, storage compartments in spaces once considered unpractical or void areas.

2. Consider The Bathtub

Add a touch of whimsical magic to a bathroom by updating to a free-standing tub. An antique footed tub is a great accompaniment to a classic bathroom with a vintage feel. Soaking tubs without feet add clean lines to contemporary bathrooms. A free-standing tub will be a showstopper and instant focal point for any master bathroom. It’s a great selling point, too, when you go to sell your home!

3. Spice Up Your Mirrors

Vintage or modern, antique or fashion-forward, mirrors are a must have for any bathroom. One of the simplest and most inexpensive upgrades, swapping out a mirror can alter the look of a bathroom dramatically. Gone are the days of the large, contractor-grade, wall-mounted mirrors (even though a lot of homes still have these). Now, oversized round mirrors are all the rage. The unexpected shape accommodates any design style.

4. Add A Fun Accent Wall

What bathroom is complete without a fun accent wall? If you are not extremely handy, this might scare you off, but you can do it easily, without any stress. Your first option would be to just use paint to create a fun accent wall, but how does this stand out? A lot of people use paint and honestly, it really doesn’t do much to ‘wow’ people. Another option that is easy, quick, and different is to utilize Faux Brickwork. When you use faux brick wall panels to create an accent wall, you are sure to wow yourself, your guests, and any future buyers. Located out of Clearwater, Florida, Faux Brickwork are leaders in the supply of faux brickwork to the domestic and commercial world. They supply faux brickwork to many luxury homes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, offices, and retailers.

If you are looking for a really cool and unique way to spice up your bathroom, their authentic looking brickwork is a great pick! They use high quality materials, ensuring that you achieve the look and feel that you desire and the best part of all? Installing Faux brick is extremely easy and quick, so there is no need for timely and expensive building work (or really, the need to hire a contractor to do the work for you). Faux Brickwork can be used for so many things – an accent wall, backsplash, fireplace surround, and more! 

5. Change Out Your Countertops

One of the most noticeable features of a bathroom is the countertop. Making any design change to a bathroom will force a designer to reevaluate the countertop situation. Updating to a natural stone countertop is an easy change, adding luxury and charm to any space. Marble, granite, quartz, or semi-precious stone are just some of the natural stone countertop options available. Once a countertop is selected, one must choose the type of countertop edge; this is a one small, but very significant choice. 

The shape and edge of a countertop give a space a unique, customized feel. When picking a suitable edge for a bathroom, there are several different options, including:

  • Bullnose – a soft, rounded corner. There are different variations of a bullnose edge, like a demi-bullnose or a 1 ½” bullnose. 
  • Bevel – a diagonal, sloped edge which is a great touch for contemporary spaces.
  • Ogee – an “S-shaped” design gives countertops a high-end feel with a bit of customized style.
  • Square – these edges actually have a semi-soft appearance to ensure they aren’t too sharp and are not prone to chipping. 
  • Mitered – two pieces fitted together gives the illusion of a thicker countertop without adding extra weight. It is suitable for almost any type of design contemporary or classic. 

If you are trying to create an Instagram worthy bathroom, these are a few updates that you should definitely consider to up your gram game.

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